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Es Estados Unidos un pais democratico o una plutocracia..

Aqui en el Estado de Oregon en Estados Unidos ; las eleciones pasada del dia 15 de Mayo de 2012 las boletas del votante estan marcada con un numero de identificacion y una barra de codigo ,violando el articulo 21 de la declaracion universal de los derechos humanos ,entonce podemos ver que hay una politica de Estados Unidos internacional a favor del os derechos humanos ,como es posible esto cuando internamente se viola los mismo ,el gobernador de Oregon el fiscal general solo me escribieron gracias por tu opinion ,le respondi no es una opinion es un derecho universal.,pero a ello le conviene porque quien manda es el dinero los rico la plutocracia .Usted cree lo contrario?

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civil rights abuse

Stop Civil Rights Abuse Federal and State of Oregon.

The State of Oregon should eliminate the abuse of Civil Rights, so that when we have justice and a true democracy, when the public has authority not just when the power of money determines who govern whom and tell us their “truth”. Therefore the small businesses will benefit and will be able to compete in the market of Oregon and the workers will receive fair treatment without interference from the educated and cultured Mafia that supports the discrimination of the big corporations against the small businesses.
1 – Close Boli, the civil rights office and all the offices of the supposed defenders of civil rights. This office is full of educated blemishes that support the violations of human rightsagainst our citizens and support the crimes committed for big business.
2 – Shut down the influence of the White love Mafia in the State of Oregon.
Example: ODOT, the office of Transportation in Oregon, will not use concrete posts certified by an engineer, and less expensive than wooden posts with a guarantee that
Than can last LONGER than 50 years. Instead, they buy wooden posts in which they put two 2-inch diameter holes below which will allow a strong wind to break them. quickly, and they rot from the inside out faster, too, all costing more money for Oregon taxpayers. They say that it’s for when they chase a criminal at high speed, in a car and he crashes into a post, he doesnt get hurt very badly in the accident, but instead he crashes into the post, it breaks at the bottom and the driver can just continue to drive over the top of it, cash into other cars or if in front of a school can kill students and anybody else who happens to be walking on the sidewalk. And the suspect can walk away unscathed or only slightly injured.
3 – Turn over the funds of the office of the defenders of civil rights to a line of lawyers for court costs for victims of human rights abuse. Today’s high legal representation costs, make it impossible to justly sue.
4 – Eliminate the Mafia control over the Oregon employee.
Big business controls the contracts of the State of Oregon. They receive funds, keep a portion, turn the rest over to a contractor, he keeps a portion turns the rest over to a subcontractor who hired undocumented workers, often paying less than minimum wage. The illegal black market businesses hand over their personnel to the subcontractors, many of which are illegal, and come here directly from Tijuana, Mexico and come to work for different businesses where many illegals are working.
There is an “extension of the misery” when there are moreunemployed workers and underpaid people. There isn’t money to consume marketed product. This makes a minority richer and harms the majority of the citizens of Oregon.


Peter Vom Tal
Eisen Concrete Post
889 Risley Ave.
Gladstone, OR 97027

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Hello world!

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